Take me home.

[Partially found, partially made.]

I am the interlocutor
A pile.

This is not linear,
nor lingual
dorsal thoracic

As your spine
makes my hand
into a trace

This dance is set to clicks and pops,
static tome of sound

so all of a sudden
the plural
won’t drop its ess es any more
Than I can stop this little lisp
That trips me up when
I am
needing not to be
so queeny


I weep in ecstasy
over a perfect squash
How the flesh expresses
a warmth contained barely

These words
which write themselves
over and over again
alone, a force, alone
unto themselves
will not abide
endless rereading
how long is too long
to wait?

This must be the smallest elevator on earth.
A tangram.

Judy, folded and stained,
Watching over three Mary’s
As we map our holy intentions.


1 comment
  1. kanarygirl21@gmail.com said:

    Wows…..sooooooo many wows! How can I explain what your thoughts-on-paper-shared do to me? Perhaps there is no need to try to explain…. Thank you my darling son…for your thoughts-on-paper-shared. Ahaas and amens

    Sent from Nancy, a really nice person ☀

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