Outline for praxis.
Liquid; solid.  The wet object.  A stone.

“Small torso”

© The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum, NY


Pronunciation: /ɛˌrəʊtəʊˈdʒɛnɪk/
Etymology: < Greek ἔρωτο- , ἔρως love + -genic comb. form.

= erogenic adj.
1909 in Cent. Dict. Suppl.
1922 J. Riviere tr. Freud Introd. Lect. Psycho-anal. 264 The gratification obtained can only relate to the region of the mouth and lips; we therefore call these areas of the body erotogenic zones.
1924 J. Riviere et al. tr. Freud Coll. Papers II. 39 A certain degree of directly sexual pleasure is produced by the stimulation of various cutaneous areas (erotogenic zones).
1955 H. Marcuse Eros & Civilization (1956) ii. 39 The pleasure of the proximity senses plays on the erotogenic zones of the body.
1968 Economist 25 May 25/3 Libido transcends beyond the immediate erotogenic zones.

/hysterionics = hysteria + histrionics

hystericize v. /hɪˈstɛrɪsaɪz/ (intr.) to go into hysterics.
1894    Westm. Gaz. 5 Dec. 3/1   The Newest Woman queens it here In all her last uncomely guises; A screaming Sisterhood severe Hystericises.

histrionic, adj. and n.

Pronunciation:  /hɪstrɪˈɒnɪk/

Etymology:  < late Latin histriōnic-us , < histriōn-em ; compare French histrionique (1769 in Littré)

 3. Pathol. histrionic paralysis (see quot.). histrionic spasm, spasm of the facial muscles.

1886    New Sydenham Soc. Lexicon,   Histrionic spasm.
1893    New Sydenham Soc. Lexicon,   Paralysis, histrionic, Bell’s facial palsy, so named because the power of facial expression is lost.

Christian Schad, Sonja (1928)


Pronunciation:  /ˈgræfɪ/
Etymology:  < French graphie system of writing.


A graphic symbol representing a phoneme; = graph n.3
1955    Trans. Philol. Soc. 138   The characteristic insular graphies of the later twelfth century boef, beof, bøf do not deserve to be dismissed as Anglo-Normanisms.
1962    N. Davis & C. L. Wrenn Eng. & Medieval Stud. 56   Whereas original long e and o are not infrequently represented by the graphies ee and oo, original short e and o are never so represented.
1968    Medium Ævum 37 87   The same graphy appears in the same manuscript in the form beniscun.
1970    Jrnl. Eng. Place-name Soc. 2 16   The graphy gu for [g] before e, i arose in French after initial gw had been reduced to g at some time before the late twelfth century.

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